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Welcome to the personal website of Doug Kells. I am a Toronto-based runner/Salesforce Developer/beer aficionado. Weekdays, you'll find me hunched over my desk writing Apex and Visualforce -- maybe even the occasional new Lightning component. Evenings and weekends, you're more likely to find me cruising along Toronto's Martin Goodman Trail. As for the other thing I mentioned...well...all that running requires that I rehydrate somehow.

For family and friends, I'd encourage you to head over to my Facebook profile if you're searching for regular updates. I can be found here. Be warned, there may be quite a few posts and pictures about running marathons - I've lost count how many. If you're really keeping score for the running, you can look me up on Athlinks. For professional matters, if you're more interested in the Salesforce stuff that I mentioned earlier, you may want to check out LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to friend me on the social networks that you feel is appropriate. I will warn you that you are wasting your time if you're sitting around waiting for something interesting to come from my twitter or Instagram accounts.

This does free me up to use a few more slightly advanced design elements, particularly the new Facebook comments section. I'm hoping that this will somehow spur me to at least a comment a bit more often than before, even if I don't launch any wholesale changes to the website very often.

Nevertheless, the website is still just a very minor hobby, so you shouldn't expect new content here on a regular basis.

Cheers, and have a great day!

Doug Kells
Doug Kells
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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